• Iara


Feed me...

I am starving for words and poetry

How dare you passed through my youth and dared not share your voice?

Has no one told you that I only see angels with my ears?

And you never whispered…you never whispered…you never did

I now hunger for your confusing thoughts, your sick brain, beautiful and bright brain

That comes to life in writings frenetically shared inbox

Handle me…

How dare you pass through me now and show me the past that wouldn’t be a future

Yet, I want to drink from this river that quenches your thirst

Like a crawling child, I still know nothing

And you are so rich in colors, sizes, faces…so tall and so intangible

My hands won’t touch the forbidden skin

I feel my tiny body floating on this rebirth out of a male belly

Father me…

I need to be what I was meant to be…

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